“Thank you for the support and help. Before calling the Quitline, I did not have a support system. My Quit Coach has been there for me every step of the way. I’ve stayed quit for over a year now.” - John, Quitline participant, 2014


“Talking to my Quit Coach makes me even surer that I want to quit. They’ve helped me tremendously." - Quitline participant, 2009

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve been quit since May 5, 2010 and it’s amazing. Thank you for adding back years to my life.” - Quitline participant, 2010

“The Quitline not only helped me quit smoking, it’s helping me live a better life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to realize everything that I have going in my favor.” - Quitline participant, 2010

“I look forward to the calls. They make me take ownership of my failures or successes.”
- Quitline participant, 2013



“My Quit Coach encouraged, inspired, and motivated me. I’ve been quit since July 2011, and I am very proud and determined to never have another cigarette. I am now inspiring my co-workers to quit. They all ask me how I did it and I told them it’s all because of the Indiana Tobacco Quitline.”
- Quitline participant, 2011

The Quitline program really gives people a good foothold on their addiction and gives them a way out. I really appreciate all they have done for me.” - Quitline participant, 2012


“Talking to my Quit Coach makes me even surer that I want to quit. They’ve helped me tremendously."

- Barb, Quitline participant, 2009



“I always knew I wanted to quit and I knew what I needed to do, but I didn't ever believe I was strong enough to quit. Then I called the Quitline and after getting off the phone, I felt really strong and knew that I could meet my goal. This experience has helped me realize I can do it, and now I know that I’m strong enough to make my goals happen.” - Quitline participant, 2012



“The support that the Quitline provided me let me know I wasn’t going through it alone.” 2014

- Stephen, Quitline participant, 2014



“I’m so happy that I finally made the decision to quit. I’m ready to have a better quality of life. The Quitline is a life saver, and thank you to my Quit Coaches for being there.”
- Bob, Quitline participant, 2015






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