2012 Quit Now Contest Winners

Mary Stackhouse

1st Place Winner

At only 36 years old, Mary Stackhouse has tried several different ways to break the hold cigarettes had on her life since she was a teen. Although Mary was an athlete, she yielded to peer pressure and began smoking in high school with friends. She knew it was unhealthy, but thought she could quit whenever she wanted. After several attempts, with help from her husband Adam, and the Quit Now Indiana Contest, Mary is tobacco free!


Sean Terrell

2nd Place Winner

Sean Terrell is a 31 year old husband and step-father to a five year old daughter. Sean has smoked cigarettes for almost half his life, until September 16, 2012. Sean had tried to quit smoking many times, but this time he was more determined and had the support from his family, including his wife and mother-in-law, who are very proud of him. Now smoke-free, Sean is feeling great! Sean’s advice to anyone who is trying to quit is to set a quit date, stick to it and tell people close to you that you are quitting and to keep you accountable. Congratulations Sean!


Carla Reel

3rd Place Winner

Carla Reel is a 51 year old single mother of two and grandmother of four. Carla began smoking at 17, at a time when smoking was very acceptable for teens and young adults. Carla did not smoke while she was pregnant, but quickly began smoking after each child was born. Now that Carla is smoke-free she is a living inspiration to her friends. In fact, Carla’s 31 year-old daughter has been very encouraged by her mom, and is now trying to quit smoking. Carla’s advice to her daughter and others is to not give up. It’s hard, but you will feel so much better when you’ve quit. Congratulations Carla!


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