In Honor of a Genuine Community Champion

The world will never know and many in right here in Indiana are unaware that last week Indiana lost a "true hero." On April 3, 2014, Molly Fleener age 35, surrendered to lung cancer. She was a resident of Franklin and a loving wife, mother and homemaker who enjoyed the outdoors. Why is Molly special?

Everyone may have their own definition of what a "true hero" is, but try this one: a person who rises to take on a noble cause or task. An individual who goes out of their way to help others; a person who in spite of their frailties or what others may think will do the right thing. This describes Molly.

Molly, at age 30, was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer after smoking for 10 years. She started smoking as a young teenager with friends. Despite being thrown into a very difficult situation, she made the commitment to help others maybe avoid a similar fate by speaking out about the dangers of tobacco use. “I’m trying to get people to stop smoking,” she said.

Before lung cancer claimed her life, Molly got involved with the Quit Now Indiana public education campaign for one reason—to save lives. Molly didn't believe someone her age could get lung cancer. “I would tell anyone who smokes, to stop smoking—now—it’s not worth it. Lung cancer is torture.”

Molly didn’t seek attention; actually she was uncomfortable in the spotlight, but she was willing to rise above her shyness for the common good. Molly’s story is intended to help educate Hoosiers about the seriousness of tobacco use and to inspire the public health community and policymakers to work hard to end the tobacco epidemic.

See behind the scenes of Molly's Story here.


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