Rene Hicks

René Hicks, a nationally known comedian, was diagnosed in 2001 with lung cancer. Her lungs had the characteristics of a long-time smoker, but René never smoked a day in her life. That is under-
standable when you consider that people who work in bars, night clubs and restaurants that allow smoking have a 30 percent higher rate of lung cancer and 30 percent higher rate of heart disease as compared to any other workers.

Secondhand smoke kills 49,000 Americans every year and is responsible for 3,000 lung cancer deaths of U.S. non-smokers annually.

The latest Surgeon General’s Report on Tobacco Smoke says second-
hand smoke is lethal for everyone. According to this report exposure
to tobacco smoke causes immediate damage to your body and can trigger a deadly heart or asthma attack, or damage your DNA which can lead to cancer.

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