Tammy Crum

I was 13 when I started smoking. I could walk right into a store and buy a pack without anyone questioning me. Why not? Everyone smoked: my friends, my family, movie stars—everyone!

Health has never been an issue for me. I looked healthy; everything seemed in good health despite my smoking. Plenty of people smoked more than me, I only smoked a pack a day, then I had a heart attack. I was only 38 years old! The doctor contributes the heart attack to my smoking. It was a scary experience and I was very lucky. An angiogram showed major plaque buildup in my femoral artery and evidence of damage from what they believe to be two prior heart attacks that went undiagnosed. I smoked my last cigarette six days after I got out of the hospital.

My kids were my biggest motivation, I want to be a good role model for them and I wanted to be alive to see them married and have children of their own one day. Quitting smoking was the best thing I could do for my health and the best gift I could have ever given to my family.


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